Byron Bay-bred/Berlin-based crew Parcels have dropped a super-funky disco treat for us over the weekend called ‘Tieduprightnow’, which is sure to get you all in the mood for a good old groove, but you’re gunna have to try to sit still for a little while as you cast your eyes on its Beatrice Pegard directed music video which adds so much awesomeness to this already infectiously great tune.

“We recorded ‘Tieduprightnow’ in a Berlin studio, we had just lived out 6 months of German winter without even a hint of sun. But during this session it was the start of spring and the first rays began to peak through our window. The video is a homage to our roots. We all liked the idea of playing with the Australian stereotype, how the world views Australia and how we fit into that. We drive through our original hometown Byron Bay, the quintessential Australian surf paradise, and observe what it means to be Australian.“ – Parcels

“Northern NSW and Byron Bay are coastal areas that are currently being destroyed by profit-motivated policies and lobbies, and where marine life and ecosystems are disappearing at an alarming rate. The Australian lifestyle as we know it, the joys of summer, of surfing and living by the beach would not be much without its marine ecosystem and wildlife.” – Beatrice Pegard (director)

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