Booka Shade are releasing a brand new album today called ‘Cut the Strings’, and in the lead up to this we got the chance to have a quick chat with one of the guys, Arno, to where his love of music began.

“As an 8 year old boy I bought one of dance music’s all time classics: CHIC´s single LE FREAK by pure coincidence at a second hand market in front of the local supermarket, and I actually didn´t know what I was buying.

At home I turned the music on and at first I wasn’t impressed, but since I had spent my precious pocket money I decided to listen to it again and again. I got into the enormous Edwards and Rodgers disco groove, it made me dance (just like millions of other dancers in the world), which, as I would find out much later, was probably the best thing that could happen to me.

I was all about the groove. I started to play the drums, and after disco came house and techno, and today I stand on live stages together with my partner Walter from Booka Shade where we get to we play our own music and make people dance. We even had the privilege to meet the master Nile Rodgers himself.” – Arno, of Booka Shade

Let’s get warmed up with the sounds of ‘Le Freak’ by the legendary CHIC, right before you slide into Booka Shade’s newby, ‘Cut the Strings.

Stream/Buy: Sweat It Out
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