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Dutch producers Mike Mago & Rogerseventytwo combine their expertise for new project Mike Rogers, serving up an impressive debut offering in ‘What Should I Do’ – a synthetic pop delight accentuated with unequivocal character from the raspy vocals of Abee.

‘What Should I Do’ smacks you in the face from the word go with a penetrating kick drum and concise claps uniting with a wobbling synth that set the scene for an empowering soundscape. These elements set the perfect podium for the raspy vocals of Abee to take central focus of the piece with melodies full of allure and movement that are heightened with the subtle use of reverb. As the track progresses, we see the track enter a moment of reprieve through an ambience in the synths that leads beautifully into the intensified chorus full of probing bass and punching percussion with commanding synths stabbing in and out of the mix to further amplify the intensity within.

This impressive debut sets the perfect podium for Mike Rogers to ascend from immediately, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the duo!

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