‘Chasing Light’ is the latest single from New York City duo MEMBA, which has them working with fellow NYC artist Mothica for her angelic vocal sounds, and together they’ve delivered this infectious electro alt-pop treat that will have you bouncing and worming around without a care in the world as you lose yourself in its warm playful warbling synths, crisp percussion, pulsing beat and of course Mothica’s sultry vocal sounds.

“MEMBA’s music is so colorful and my songwriting is often faded and grey, so I thought disguising some of my darkest thoughts amongst their bright sounds would be an interesting pairing. We wrote this back in October at a time where I was going out in New York a lot to avoid being alone after a relationship of mine ended. The line about ‘Chasing light’ is also a reference to a ‘moth attracted to the light’ and how that light is sometimes self-destruction.” – Mothica

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