Instupendo is an artist I had not previously heard of, however that doesn’t take anything away from the quality of music. It’s light, soothing, dreamy and well thought out with a hint of melancholy. Having a string of very heavily played tracks on soundcloud, with the most played clocking in 1.5mil, he’s an artist whose music is resonating with the audience.

His latest EP, ‘Faces I Know’, is as described above. You listen and you’re whisked away into cloud 9, pure musical ecstasy. The opening track ‘fluer’ features vocals from Teen Daze and is just magical. It was released as a single first and has copped a lot of love in soundcloud already. It really set the mood for the EP and got you ready for heaven mood. The gentle and soft tones were amazing and the slightly distorted vocal just completed the track. Up next is ‘sunny’ which is a bit more glitchy, but still equally as dreamy, the kick in it the so well placed in the mix to keep you just above dream state that the synths and percussion takes you to.

Rolling in soft comes ‘clementine’ with a more acoustic feeling intro, yet leading into the synth phase real quick. It has an almost “Legend of Zelda” feel to it, where you’ve just busted out the best Ocarina tune you can muster. It’s so 90’s synth pop, yet remaining incredibly relevant. I dig it. Getting in as a single release as well we have ‘boy’, gently creeping into your ears and whispering sweet nothings. The string synths are incredibly well placed in the mix and really made this track for me, the structure as well is near flawless. It’s an incredibly well thought out track that keeps a very organic and natural feel to it in its flow.

Tying things up is an instrumental version of ‘fluer’. It’s an interesting transition if you listen to it next to the original version, as it’s much more on a dream world than with the vocals attached. All in all I really dug this EP, it would go perfectly with a nice glass of red and some interesting conversations about reality. The mans got talent, cannot deny.

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