Following on from being dubbed “The hottest record in the world” by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self provides a long-awaited video for the hit track ‘Ghost Voices’, which sees the American producer continue down the path of his trademark production-heavy visuals in the form of an intriguing blend between darkness and mystery.

The Robinson-directed clip takes place in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse full of ice and various computer screens, providing an almost futuristic feel to the scenery. From here, the inception of the main characters Pathselector and Technic-Angel occurs through a scattered flickering throughout the warehouse. By adding these characters to the already evident eeriness that surrounds the video, we are further enthralled as to where these two will take us throughout the rest of the remaining duration.

These could be snippets of what Robinson has in store for us in terms of production for the upcoming Virtual Self live shows; the captivating imagery of the two characters leaves us with these two individuals becoming life-like in the latter parts of the video, and gives us a sense that it won’t be the last time we see these two individuals. Could there be more to come in this gripping tale?!

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