Following on from headlining FOMO Festival and dropping the massive ‘Stay For It’ (featuring Miguel), LA producer RL Grime continues to showcase his ever expanding repertoire with the latest release ‘I Wanna Know’, enlisting Grammy-winning singer Daya on vocals.

‘I Wanna Know’ introduces itself with a pleasant nature courtesy of the arpeggiated synth melody, as well as the cinematic sounds floating around in the background that sees Grime choosing to entice listeners to ride the waves of the soundscape, rather than hitting you with everything all at once. This is heightened through the implementation of Daya’s captivating vocals that dabble in and out of the high and lower ends of her range, which is strengthened strategically through Grime’s utilisation of reverb that adds to the ambience holding the track together.

In building anticipation for the trademark intensified drop we’ve all come to know and love, RL Grime subtly signifies a shift in intensity through some off-kilter percussion and the injection of bass that builds a solid foundation to launch from. Once launched, we see significant amounts of fuzz from the synths, a shift in force from the percussion that penetrates through the mix and the emotionally piercing vocals from Daya that when combined results in a resounding chorus full of character.

Further to the single, RL Grime provides a unique, non-conventional lyric video for ‘I Wanna Know’. Directed by Grime, Daya, and Dan Streit, the lyric video gives viewers an insight behind the scenes of the track with various imagery of Grime and Daya mucking around, visions of Grime live at festivals, and much more. What stands out in this video is the way in which the delivery of the lyrics matches the intensity of the production in the music. The moments leading up to the drop see the lyrics displayed in a ‘shaky’ nature, highlighting the instability of the emotional context within the track.

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