This new MJ Cole track is so very cool. The UK producer has teamed up with fellow Londoner Kojey Radical for his impressive vocal/rapping skills, and together they’ve created this beautiful neo-soul, electro hip-hop fusion that just soothes every inch of your body. This is a seriously great tune.

Emerging first as an instrumental, Soak It Up grew surprisingly quickly. Improvising at the piano always leads somewhere fruitful for me. The original piano recording was noisy, but in a good way with the sound of the piano hammers and fingers on the keys really suggesting a warm, cosy musical situation. The track starts out with a homemade sample and opens out into vocals from Kojey Radical which describe an ongoing relationship in turmoil. There’s love in the song but also recognition of the gripes and annoyances on each side. It was a real vibe putting it together.” – MJ Cole

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