This double whammy is it and a bit. Thanks to the iconic productions of Melburnite Christopher Port, and the brooding and emotive tones of Sydney gal Annie Bass, this special two-track features lead single ‘Thrown Away’ alongside ‘Counting All’.

“The two-track was made in a handful of sessions in Melbourne with each track starting as a sketch by Annabel (Annie Bass). We both worked at picking them apart and flipping them around, changing the chords, melody and lyrics together, all delivered through Annabel’s incredible voice. The end result is the most truly collaborative music I’ve made to date. I’m so proud of what we made and am so glad it’s out in the world,” Port said.

I’m actually obsessed with these two in their own right but the fact they are joining forces gets me very excited. 2017 was a really strong year for each of them, so bring on 2018.

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