This new track from Gold Coast producer ANH is very cooooooool. It’s called ‘All Night’ and it has ANH teaming up with Brisbane artist Blair De Milo for his smooth soulful vocal sounds, as well as Los Angeles freestyler Danny Dwyer, and together the boys have delivered a very sexy and smooth, electro-RnB tune that is very easy to warm up to – and it was pretty much made in a day!

“The original beat I wrote and finished in under 20 minutes. Sent the demo to Blair and within 10 minutes he sent back the hook. Along this note, I had also sent the beat for my musician friend Danny Dwyer based in LA to see what he could do. He soon sends me back a freestyle (which he did in one take). So within that same day I had the full beat produced, vocals, and demo mix/master ready to present.” – ANH

I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more collab-tunes from these guys. Make it happen please.

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