Yahtzel has dropped a brand spanking new video for his recent track ‘Someone Else’, which features vocals from Brisbane based artist, Savoi. It’s an intimate setting that feels somewhere between a house party and a rave that’s heavily on the psychedelic tip. Lots of colours, overlay patterns on faces and a general feel of trip in the way it’s filmed. The context seems to be a story of jealousy and insecurity, which fits the lyrics of the song rather well. The lead female role in it seems torn between two men, there are some scenes which feel like there’s almost a tension between the two and an act of ownership over who she’s with.

The video carries a lot of tension with it throughout, shown on all characters faces and body language, yet is constantly overlaid with the psychedelic trip bits where the lead male and female seem happy and in lust, which complicates it. Perhaps it’s alluring to the name ‘Someone Else’ as there are two sides of each of these people and how they really feel? Either way it’s a sick track from Yahtzel with a groovy video to back it.

Stream/Buy via: Foreign Family Collective

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