Win and Woo are currently on the road across North America for their ‘In Love Again’ tour, and while all of that travel-mayhem is happening they’re also decided to give us another new tune!

It’s called ‘Chasing Tail’ and the boys say it is a bit of a special one for them in the subject it surrounds; “It started as an idea to write a song from a different perspective where we thought – “What if we wrote this about a dog, missing its owner?” – Such a common thing we think about when leaving our pups alone, what do they do all day, do they miss us, what do they do when we aren’t home? This upbeat, playful tune captures that feeling, while leaving a sort of ambiguity intact. This could also relate in human to human relationships as well. For example, missing a ex when they go away to college, Chasing Tail (lol).”

Take a listen to ‘Chasing Tail’ below and then head on over to their Tour Page for a full rundown on the ‘In Love Again’ tour.

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