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This week, we were greeted with another new single from The Chainsmokers. This one caught my eye, as their recent single “Sick Boy” was a real step in a different direction, and it left me curious as to where their future musical direction lies.

The new single “You Owe Me” follows along a similar path as “Sick Boy”, and is much more of a modern Pop/Rock song, than a catchy “EDM Banger”. 

When asked about the track, Alex and Drew said “We are really excited about this song and a new direction sonically for us. We felt really inspired by old bands that influenced us a lot growing up like Weezer and Ratatat”. Upon first listen, it does become evident that these influences are quite strong.

They then followed up with saying “We know this is a departure from the EDM style we so commonly got known for but we feel compelled to continue to evolve and take creative risks with our music and challenge ourselves. It feels like a very natural progression to after Sick Boy and we got no intention of stopping anytime soon….”. It will be very interesting to see where this new direction takes them.

The music video has surged into the top 50 trending video’s on Youtube, and features the pair going through the motions of setting up a party. The video then takes a sudden change of direction towards the end of the video, where they transform into vampires, and end up feasting on their guests. It’s Different. I know.

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