thando has delivered us a beautiful collaborative number called ‘Numb’. Teaming up with well-known hip-hop/R&B artist Remi, comes a song that has a great flow about it. It’s filled with soul and pure expression. Taking on some great influence from R&B without any of the commercialised aspects, allows for the feel of the song to come across incredibly well and real.

thando’s voice really drives hard the entire song, backed perfectly by the production. In particular, the chorus is where she really takes the lead and takes it up a whole new level. The keys throughout the track add a real Motown element to the track, which I think suits the overall feel nicely. Remi nails his bars incredibly well and his flow fits the context of his lyrics.

Having been around a year since her last release, it’s great to see thando back on the scene and partnering up with some very reputable names. This Melbourne based artist has a very promising future for sure.

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