Fresh from the debut album ‘Presence’ being the final Triple J Feature album of 2017, young French producer Petit Biscuit has released the delightful video for ‘Problems’ featuring & starring Norwegian prodigy Lido.

Directed by Tony Datis (Thom Yorke, Katy Perry, Skrillex), the video takes place in the backstreets of Paris whereby two young friends are hanging out around a vending machine, whilst Lido drives past on a bus carrying the emotional context of the song throughout its duration. The sense of the dark arts comes across as the video progresses, which is evident through the black cats congregating around the same area.

Once the chorus hits, we are introduced to a clever little individual dance bracket from both children that must be admired. The theme of darkness shows bigger presence through the odd lightning strike that leads to the insertion of Petit Biscuit into the video. The Frenchmen further adds to the mysterious force when he meets with another woman at the same vending machine which causes a surge of power across the area. As this interaction is occurring, the intensity of the video is raised courtesy of the final dance bracket with the children combining for an impressive movement which brilliantly captures the lift in the song courtesy of the emphatic synths that sends off the song perfectly.

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