Aerospace engineer-turned music producer OTR (which comes from a neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown Cincinnati known as “Over-the-Rhine”) has a gorgeous new single for us this week called ‘Bliss’, which features the warm, golden voice of rising Nashville artist Ashley Leone, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that he has titled this one quite appropriately.

‘Bliss’ is just a small taste of OTR’s forthcoming ep ‘Unfold’, which is rumoured to feature a few other guest appearances such as Kai Straw, Rawso, Tiger Darrow & Blondage.

“When the ‘Unfold EP’ started to take shape, I was in transition, mentally, geographically, and with my engineering career. I wanted to combine technical piano chords with natural percussions you hear outside in everyday life. By partnering with talented songwriters I harnessed those sounds and elevated them with relatable lyrics.” – OTR

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