Centred around the struggles and anguish that lie in the pursuit of love contrasting with an uplifting soundscape, Los Angeles producer Mahalo returns for his second release of 2018 ‘Here With Me’ which enlists the vocals of Canadian newcomer Kadiri James.

From its inception, Mahalo has manipulated ‘Here With Me’ to build through minimal instrumentation allowing Kadiri James the perfect podium to introduce the emotional context that lies within the core of the track. As time moves forward, with the ending of each phrase comes the implementation of key elements such as the piano and various electronic elements filling the mix to maximum capacity that ultimately raises the intensity little by little.

Once the pre-chorus of ‘I just want you here with me, oh I just want to out’ smacks you in the face, it is hard to not be caught up in the moment and instantly become entranced. This is achieved through the drawn back momentum and instrumentation that allows this sense of euphoria, combined with the impressive harmonies within Kadiri James’ melodies that are etched into your memory. Once the chorus drops we are met with pulsating bass lines going pound for pound with the manipulated melodies, followed by the infectious groove in the percussion that carries the party vibe through to the end.

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