LDRU has released a mixtape featuring a stack of big remixes that other artists have done to his tracks, with names like UZ, Proxy and GANZ you know it’s going to be a big bunch of bangers. The Northern beaches producer certainly knows how to pick the company he keeps when it comes to musical collaborations.

Kicking it off is a remix from ORIENTAL CRAVINGS on his track ‘The Calling’, which got a bunch of radio love. It is what you’d expect, big trappy drops, wobbly breakdowns and an eclectic mixture of sounds all coming together to create some hefty hammers. Keeping the vocal as a key focus has worked really well in the mix. Up next is arguably the biggest track from LDRU, ‘Keeping Score’ with a fun filled remix from Paces. Revving the tempo right up and filling it with some borderline dubstep synths it’s a real elbow thrower. You can still definitely feel a large elements of the original track, just amped up into a bass banger. ‘Take My’ cops a solid remix from UZ which takes the track on a real dark path. Low slung synths, bass heavy kicks and big builds into high energy drops. It’s not what I would have expected from UZ, but it definitely works for me.

Yomi Twice jumps on to remix ‘Next To You’ which has a very interesting feel to it. It feels somewhere in between trop house and synth pop, leaving the track feeling a little hollow. Sub-human comes in to get the mood back on track remixing ‘Pop That’ with an intense array of sounds, somewhere in-between laser sounds and video games that works in its own right. Big fan of the breakdowns and melody more than anything in this remix. Another Audiopaxx family member Akouo remixes ‘Me’ adding his signature softer touch, creating a really groovy and soothing yet still dancey number. There’s almost a hint of Waveracer scattered in amongst the mix, really cool stuff.

‘Shapes’ cops the big remix from GANZ, giving it a super strong synth collection and big-room feel. It’s an interesting remix from GANZ, not to his standardised sound as much, but it definitely kicks and punches in all the right ways, a real solid number. He has really chopped and played with the sounds and vocals to make it fit his creative direction. I had not previously heard of the artist Zookeper who comes from the states, however I am glad I did. This is probably my favourite remix on the mixtape, smashing out a solid of ‘Get Free’. It is so well structured, carries awesome sounds and utilises the elements of the original track the best out of all of them. It’s synth heavy, wavy and just hits in the right way. Wrapping up the mixtape is Proxy on ‘Dirty Seeds’. It has been a while since I’ve vibe’d out to Proxy, as his sound struggled to survive the test of time, however this remix offers a nice taste of nostalgia and a really different take on LDRU’s music. It has all the signature items from the German producer, hard hitting bass lines, intense sounds, a touch of mid 2000s electro and a dancefloor heavy structure.

Some really great remixes in amongst the bunch, an interesting selection for sure that offers a great variety and diversity of sounds. It’s always nice when artists select remixers of different genres to give their take on a track.

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