It has become more and more rare that producers, particularly house producers, put out albums, however when they do, it’s generally amazing. Exploring the possibilities of music and allowing more creative freedom to flow. Lane 8 has most certainly done that and potentially delivered the equivalent of ‘Random Album Title’ of this decade.

Opening things up with a slow and rolling track ‘Daya’, is just a pure euphoric journey track. It builds throughout whilst keeping the melodic synth rolling at the same pace, creating this really awesome atmosphere around the track. Up second we have ‘No Captain’ featuring POLICiA. Keeping in line with the previous track, the melodic synths shine out, with POLICIA’s deep vocals adding the build up into a top notch prog house number. Keeping the journey going, ‘Atlas’ comes in next. A beautiful number and possibly my favourite from the album. It really reminds me of ‘Strobe’ by Deadmau5, so there’s some solid nostalgia for me there.

‘Clarify’ comes on next and it is quite different. It features vocals from Fractures, which are very soothing and come in very strong in the chorus. The song itself is much less melodic and is more driven around the vocals and the hook; still loaded with euphoria though. Coming in HOT up next is ‘Little By Little’, which is definitely more a late night number, building heavily around the kick and percussion then slowly developing into that more prog-house direction. Up next is something a little different and not a sound I expected on the album. ‘Stir Me Up’ has much more of a commercial sound to it, which is quite unexpected from an artist like Lane 8. The vocal feel and synths aren’t really for me, but the structure of the song is still nice.

Featuring for the second time, Fractures lays his vocals on ‘Hold On’. It’s a bit quicker in tempo and definitely a nice placement on the album from a journey experience perspective. When it hits that second drop, far out, two hands in the air, wrists flicking, eyes closed type moment. Slowing it right down comes in the track ‘Coming Back To You’, featuring vocals of J.F. July. With a much slower tempo, sitting roughly around the 120bpm mark, it’s a delightful number and a great way to draw close to the end of the album. It is much softer and definitely a song for listening. Wrapping it up we have ‘No End In Sight/Outro’, which just rolls over so well with a grand time of 7:19 in length. It hits those melodic synths again, with a subtle kick running in the background.

All in all a solid album for lovers of progressive house music, a few tracks that do their job as radio attractive, but for the most part a really well put together album that is almost like a DJ set, going on a nice and long journey through music and emotion.

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