San Fran artist Kai Straw has just unleashed a brand new album this week, titled ‘GUN’ it is a generous 10-track collection of this talented human’s indie/RnB/soul sound.

Kai Straw’s weapon of choice is his words, and he’s come fully-loaded with them on this new album.

“I wanted to make something that embodies aspiration; the ambition, the vulnerability, the arrogance, the isolation, the hope – the want for a partner that sees the road you see. Ambition can be such a desperate thing; I see a gun in my mind when I think of the word. I wanted to make an album about that. The rattling in your soul when you’re grinding toward what you want from life. Something that felt like – flicking the cylinder into place, pulling back the hammer and saying, “give me all you got.” – Kai Straw

‘GUN’ is available everywhere now via Tenth Gate Records.

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