Hercules & Love Affair released a new album in 2017 called ‘Omnion’ which was #2 in my Top Albums of 2017 list, and it is still very much one of my go-to albums.

That album has some very strong and infectious tracks, but one of my absolute favourites, ‘My Curse And Cure’, has been given a music video, directed by H&LA main-man Andy Butler alongside Joie Iacono, as part of a new audio/visual endeavour they have created called “Hoarder”, and it gets me so excited to be able to share this song with you all again – that groove that kicks in at 1:07 gets me every time!!!

“’My Curse and Cure’ is a song about the inevitability of pain in life. It was not an easy song to write, Gustaph and I wrestled with it. My personal modus operandi can easily turn to simply “avoid pain” which is on some level very human and natural, but also simply prohibits personal growth. This song is an examination of the notion that pain can be a positive catalyst as well as a scourge in our existence.” – Andy Butler

There’s also word of a few remixes on the way for ‘My Curse And Cure’, but in the meantime you can get yourself a copy of ‘Omnion’ via Hercules & Love Affair.

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