Not too long after his recent release ‘Another Light’, Bristol producer Henry Green returns with the perfect addition to your chilled sessions playlist with a double release for ‘Shift’, a fascinating blend of electronic and organic instrumentation.

‘Shift’ begins with a cohesive blend of Green’s encapsulating vocals and the restrained yet sparse percussion, which due to this minimal instrumentation within the mix creates a sense of intrigue with the listener in the anticipation of the impending chorus. Despite this intrigue, Green does not waste any time and hits you with the chorus within 41 seconds where we are met with delight courtesy of the implementation of an acoustic guitar taking centre stage with the brightness of Green’s harmonised vocals.

The production within this track is one to be admired, especially within the outro after the chorus whereby the acoustic guitar is beautifully blended with the charismatic percussion that takes you on a journey full of groove and character.

‘Shift’ is available everywhere this week and it also comes with an equally stunning B-side tune called ‘Without You’, which you can also check out below.

Stream/Buy via: Akira Records

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