GrandAce is a 21 year old Hip-Hop artist from Dayton, Ohio who has just recently released a new six-track ep called ‘Feel Good’, and I’ve gotta say it certainly does live up to that title.

The ep tracks are loaded with warm feel-good vibes as GrandAce carries us through each story-line with his smooth, trusting electro hip-hop vocal sounds. Happy vocal sounds. You’ll be bouncing along to his beats and smiling to his words before you even know it. It’s hard to believe this music was written in while locked away in a dark bedroom during the cold winter months!

“This EP was the actual act of me seeking to obtain my happiness once again. I began work on this EP at the end of 2017 and I was really feeling my stride. There is a noticeable difference in the tone of Feel Good as I intended it to be much less grounded than Colors. I worked on the project while locked in my room for a month during my winter break as I was determined to leave with a fresh mind and renewed spirit. It was an exciting time writing as I was able to tackle different waves of sentiments with much more positivity and vibrancy. The underlying narrative in the EP tells the story of an individual making the decision to move from idle complacency in everyday life towards making their own path. I made this project for myself and more so, for the listener as I make it a point to keep my humanity in the music. I want to share my problems and solutions, in hopes that someone out there knows that they’re not alone and that others out there are fighting to keep their head up as well.” – GrandAce

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