daine – ‘sleepwalking’ Aguava – ‘If I’ Litche – Some Songs for Someone, Somewhere (EP) Tiësto & Charli XCX – ‘Hot In It’ NEWCOMERS MY PLAYLIST with Vancouver Sleep Clinic
Each week I like to round up all of the tracks that have stood out to me in some particular kind of way. These are the tracks that have touched me in places that none of the others have, then come Friday I have quite a neat little collection of really cool, unique, interesting and fun songs to share with you – you’ll get what I mean when you hear them. So here are my Friday Favourites for this week – HAPPY FRIDAY! French Horn Rebellion & DeModa – ‘Into You’ Wolfskind & Yann Lauren – ‘Give It Up’ (ft. MOLI) NASAYA – ‘Orange’ (ft. cehryl) BOBBY LOVE – ‘Drink About’ (ft. Zanski)

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