Australian artist Benji Lewis is just about to embark on his first big adventure to Austin Texas for the renowned SXSW music conference & festival, but before all of that excitement begins for him, we can all get excited about his brand new single!

It’s called ‘DEEP BLUE’ and it is a dreamy, soulful, electro-pop tune that is a formidable follow-up to his huge 2017 single ‘Drift’, and just like ‘Drift’ it has be produced by his Mammal Sounds management buddy, Golden Vessel – these guys sure do make some pretty sweet music together!

‘DEEP BLUE’ is also just the first taste of Benji’s forthcoming ep, ‘Together Apart’.

“Me and Max aka Golden Vessel had gotten together in Brisbane for our first session of writing a year later, back again to create the next EP. I feel like this song came as naturally and magically as some special ones did the last time around. It’s about how good and passionate a connection, a relationship can be between two people. Most of the things I sing about I have been lucky enough to feel or experience. It’s about losing yourself in the moment with this person. Out at night. Really letting yourself connect and feel everything, on a deeper level with the night, and the person, or the people around or with you.

I do believe we all want real love, a special connection. It is out there. For all of us who have come across it and experienced it, I think we are so lucky. If you’re in something great, be grateful and appreciate having that special someone. Hold them a little tighter, be kind, kiss them like you mean it. For those who aren’t in something right now, it’s hoping to find it, something real, that touches us deeper. And it being special enough, from both sides, to last.” – Benji Lewis

If you’re heading to SXSW in March you can catch Benji Lewis at a few official & unofficial showcases, and he’s also playing a special show in Los Angeles the week after with local artists Robokid and Phil Good on support.

Upcoming Shows:
Wednesday, March 14th – The Side Bar (unofficial SXSW event)
Thursday, March 15th – St David’s Historic Sanctuary (official SXSW showcase)
Wednesday, March 28th – The Peppermint Club w/Robokid & Phil Good

managed by Mammal Sounds

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