Atella are Norwegian artists who make absolutely divine music. Creating sensual sounds of house, electronica and disco, ranging so diversely in sound and instruments utilised for them, it’s of little wonder the artists have gained so much attention in recent times. Having just released a four-track EP called ‘Beacon One’. It’s rife with disco and synth pop beats, wicked good vocals and excellent song structure.

Opening with the stunning ‘Ascension’, our Nordic space cadets quickly set the tone for the EP. Featuring guest vocals from one of Norway’s most tipped new popstars, AURORA, ‘Ascension’ finely walks the line between both the breathless beauty and cosmic horror that the inky depths of space inspires. It has an incredibly sexual feel to the opening, which softens into a feeling of almost jolliness and childlike joy, which is an interesting transition to make during a track.

Second up we have ‘Alive’, which is heavy on the disco front(no complaints) and offers an awesome female vocal which compliments the track so, so well. The lyrical context is purely about love, which is interesting in comparison with the feel of the song, as the song has so much dance element to it. The poppy synths and nice kicks really bring the song to life and take it to a higher level.

Flying in next comes ‘Nothing’, which delivers some super funk filled rhythms and a male vocal, bringing in a feeling of that 90s disco pop. It’s a super cool track, no doubt about it, keeping very well within the theme of love and sexuality that the EP seems to carry throughout it. It has a real feel that you’d expect it to be the backing track for a movie about a Miami drug king pin, white pants and colourful shirts.

Closing out the EP Atella cut loose with the epic ‘Transition’, a homage to their childhood musical heroes, such as Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Vangelis, who first filled their heads with the sound of space. You can really hear that translate over in the track, it is most definitely the sound of satellites transmitting to one another, scanning radio waves to pick up frequencies and light blipping around the cosmos. A real insight into the mind of these artists.

All in all, a solid EP, keeps a very commercial sensibility whilst remaining very cool and unique. Would listen again!

Stream/Buy via: Eskimo Recordings
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