A few months ago, I started getting random YouTube recommendations to checkout videos from this young kid making two-minute “beat” videos in his bedroom. The quality was quite impressive, and I would check in on new uploads from time to time, but I hadn’t really thought much more of it, until today, when his latest single found it’s way into my path.

‘Carousel’ is the new release from Aries, a two and a half minute blend of modern hip-hop, with a unique flavour. The percussion is relatively familiar, but the rest of the instrumental is quite delightful as it varies a lot more than what we have come to expect in modern hip-hop. There are a lot of different elements, such as the wavy 808 sub bass, experimental risers & reversed “mid range’ synths coming together to form a cohesive product.

The strong & loyal fan base that Aries has been able to build over the last 9-months tells me that this guys is definitely somebody to watch out for in the future, so If you are looking for something new to sink you teeth into, this one is worth a listen.

Stream /Buy via: WUNDERWORLD.

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author: Tom Walker

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