Last year was glittered with singles from Brisbane based artist Wafia as she teased us with the sounds and stories of her upcoming EP, ‘VIII’. Well, today is finally the day where the full body of work prizes our ears, and it is everything I wanted it to be.

2017 was a year where Wafia shared rather personal accounts of her family through her music, and what a powerful medium to do so. There is an anthemic kind of quality to this EP as Wafia’s unique way of storytelling and warm vocals give feelings of hope and empowerment, without overdoing any of the productions.

Previously released tracks ‘83 Days’, ‘Bodies’ and ‘Only Love’ make up the first three of the six tracks, with a focus on harmonious instrumentations and the voice we’ve all come to recognise and love. There is a beautiful symmetry to Wafia’s music and it shows in the three new tracks.

‘Breathe’ is the fourth cut off the EP and while the productions ticker through, the virtuous honesty from Wafia captures you and has you groove along.

With an interlude track that crackles and pulsates with every note it comes as no surprise that it features the wondrous collaborations of Ta-Ku and Thrupence. At the penultimate position, it is a beautiful orchestration for a moment of stillness.

Rounding out the EP is ‘The Ending’ featuring Finneas, a heart-wrenching finale to a very personal work. The piano melodies tickle every crescendo like a symphony, and the raw yet soulful duet keeps pulling you in even ‘til the very last note. But hang on until the very end because it will have you catch your breath.

While the ‘VIII EP’ as a whole feels a little bit separate in the overall structure – one minute it’s upbeat and boppy, the next it’s rather mellow – it does balance and simmer nicely. I can already visual this EP in Wafia’s live show and a national tour or festival slot announcement wouldn’t go astray.

Love ya work Wafia!

Wafia’s ‘VIII EP’ is out now on Future Classic.

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