This is the last musical project we heard from San Holo in 2017, albeit, it was released so late in the year that it more or less feels like his first release of the year.

‘The Trip EP’ is a showcase of San Holo’s instrumental side as he experiments with new chord progressions and melodies that we aren’t used to hearing from him. The interaction between the initial bass & lead melody in the EP opener ‘trip’ helps to highlight perfectly.

The second track ‘b song by Analogue Dear’ is a beautiful piece, highlighting San Holo’s ability to craft music in the organic realm, as well as the synthetic. It could almost be mistaken for a collaboration between Ludovico Einaudi and Nils Frahm, rather than a San Holo track. Later in the EP we hear him revert back more to his electronic roots. Overall, the EP is more of a blend of organic & electronic than we have ever heard in the past from him, which makes me excited to see where he takes us in 2018.

‘The Trip EP’ is available everywhere now via Bitbird.

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author: Tom Walker

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