‘Smile In The Mirror’ starts off in a feel that’s like floating on clouds, with soft synths, gentle vocals and a slow beat, then flows into a bumping chorus filled with some brass and powerful kicks. Kan-G has delivered a bumper of an electronic hip-hop jam, complimented incredibly well by the soulful and jazzy vocals of lese. Not much is known about the French artist, with little information available anywhere online, however one thing is known, that he has a good ear for production.

The brassy and synthy sounds are reminisce of a much older sound that has been modernised to accommodate todays taste in music, it’s really quite interesting as you listen to the song more and more, you pick up this influences of music from the 20’s all the way up to the 50’s. Whilst it may not be for everyone, you cannot fault the production on this music, absolutely tip top.

Kan-G says on his facebook that this year he’s going to be focusing primarily on this project, so I think we can expect a lot more to come!

‘Smile In The Mirror’ is available everywhere now via Rooftops Horizon.

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author: Elliott Armour

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