Over the last few months we have been treated with two very cool tunes from a Newcastle artist who goes by the name JVLY – ‘Namek’ featuring Chester Watson & ‘Void’ featuring SARAI – two tracks that were promised to be seen on JVLY’s upcoming debut ep.

Today that ep has arrived.

The ‘Ache EP’ is a 20-minute transformative experience that takes you on a sonic journey of electronic beats and sweet jazz inspired melodies. The visual elements are also quite important to JVLY during the writing process, and his debut ep was in-fact based on one vision he had in mind from the very beginning which brought together its cohesiveness and energy. And he also ventured off into “collab-land” for the first time, taking his tracks exactly where they needed to go.

“It’s weird because the whole project was probably like 75% complete before I even started working with anyone. The songs were written but they needed something. Sarai and Chester were the first two people I ever actually properly collaborated with. I’m used to putting things together alone, so having them involved and realising how aligned both of their inputs were with my vision was really interesting.” – JVLY

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‘Ache EP’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music.

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