Jono Ma, from Jagwar Ma, has teamed up with fellow Australian producer Angus Gruzman, aka Dreems, for a new collab ep they are calling ‘The Dreemas’.

That ep will be seeing its release next week, and just ahead of that the boys have given us a delicious little taste with this track called ‘Can’t Stop My Dreaming (Of You)’, which I am loving a lot, but I also have to admit that it reminds me quite a bit of Caribou’sCan’t Do Without You‘.

“In the year of 2017 Jono Ma and myself waltzed over to the Kompakt Records HQ in Berlin on what was a memorable “slamming” summers day. Thoughts, feelings and vibes were amalgamated into an idea – and that idea was then converted into a series of recordings at the behest of team KOMPAKT. These recordings were then refined, delivered, tested, approved and pressed onto a slab of shimmering black vinyl measuring 12 inches in diameter. 

So, now in the year of 2018 we present to you ‘The Dreemas’ – a soul-brother adventure into a world of spirit-dance and beyond.” – Angus Gruzman

‘The Dreemas’ will hit the shelves on January 19th via German label Kompakt.

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