Over the last few months Los Angeles producer/DJ Eric Sharp has delivered two very awesome new tunes, which came with a little help from a few of his good buddies – French Horn Rebellion and Drew Kramer of Wild & Free on ‘Too Much’, plus regular cohort Zhao on ‘Take This Time’.

Those tracks were said to be part of Eric Sharp’s upcoming ep ‘Eric Sharp & Friends’, and if you’ve been hanging out for that bad-boy to arrive, then today is your day!

“For the ‘Eric Sharp & Friends EP’ I left that creative constraint behind and just focused on making music as an ends in and of itself. Those who follow my original work will know that collaboration is a big part of my process. I find that there is a nearly magical energy exchange in co-creating music with other artists whom I share a wavelength with. 

It’s hard for me to take in my productions with a fresh ear, but hopefully on first listen people will hear the tracks as warm, inviting, and hypnotic. My goal is to draw people in my world sonically to have their own experience, and for this purpose, an EP is a better avenue than a single would have been,” he said.” – Eric Sharp

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‘Eric Sharp & Friends EP’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, with thanks to Little Assembly.

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