2018 is already off to a great year in music, and thanks to the internet we have access to more and more each day. One such gem that has been delivered to us is ‘All I Need’ by Charles Rivers. A future style track with a lot of raw piano some synths and a 3/2 beat happening. Charles’ voice compliments the beat quite nicely, with highlighted lows and drawn out highs, all completely raw with emotion and passion, pouring everything out with each word. With a somewhat James Blake meets Sampha feel, yet maintaining unique sound.

It’s a great pairing of voice and beat, the structure on it is incredibly well thought out and the mix/master on it done superbly. Having only popped onto the scene last year, his sound still feels like it’s developing its own identity. Personally I vibe this track the most out of his collection and hope to see him grow his musical identity in this direction, most definitely a name to keep an eye on though.

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author: Elliott Armour

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