Los Angeles producer Madnap is back this week with a huge new tune called ‘Finding Myself’, which he has co-written with Brooklyn producer Yitaku, and features the smooth vocal sounds of Chicago artist Restless Modern.

This trio have created quite a nice euphoric slice of electro/soul/pop-tronica that is easy to chill out to and also pretty great to bounce around to. This is going to be a great summer tune.

“Yo!! Me and my good friend Madnap wrote this while I visited him in LA this summer, and it was the best time ever. Then Restless Modern sang over it and KILLED IT. This is the beginning of a lot of new music from me <3 we hope you like this one!!" - Yitaku

‘Finding Myself’ is available everywhere direct form Yitaku, and Madnap fans can catch him performing at the upcoming “Moving Castle World” event in Los Angeles in January 2018 – click the artwork for ticketing info

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Facebook Soundcloud Twitter Spotify2 

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