It’s time to get the weekend started with the latest release from Chicago lads Win and Woo, as they deliver their latest and maybe greatest electro-dance tune!

‘In Love Again’ sees the boys pushing their creativity to the limits, and loving every second of it too, stepping away from the usual “pop” formula and just letting it all flow naturally from them.

“This tune is an emotional electro house symphony, pushing the limits of our creativity. It felt good to step out of the pop formula we are used to and let this one come out naturally. The words “I wish I was in love again” are actually a pitched down female vocal (one of our closest friends 😉 we will let you guess).

This song represents the need for more compassion in an ever changing world that is easy to get lost in. How we fall in and out of love, and how we learn to love again. We hope you enjoy and any support is greatly appreciated :)” – Win and Woo

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