The sweet melodies of Vallis Alps never get old for me, and this new tune ‘So Settled’ is a perfect example of a band who knows their sound so damn well.

Time after time, Parissa Tosif and David Ansari deliver music that is edgy and filled with euphoric electronic productions. I’m obsessed with Tosif’s breezy vocals and how they’re always so magically supported by Ansari’s clever productions.

Since releasing their “Fable EP” earlier this year, Vallis Alps say this track is very much a shift into a more natural way of writing and creating.

“‘So Settled’ is a result of pushing our musical boundaries and shows an attitude shift in our writing process. When writing the Fable EP, we tried really hard to represent musical ideas that were almost fully formed in our heads. But with ‘So Settled’, as with our recent song ‘Oceans’, we tried to let go of those expectations and allow the song to go where it wanted. It naturally gave way to a song that is our most ‘acoustic’ sounding and immediately became the most fun to play live,” Vallis Alps said.

It is a very upbeat an acoustic kind of track, but I can hear this becoming a festival favourite and one crowds will sing along to blissfully.

This is the last release for 2017 but I say bring on 2018 and some fresh summer tunes!

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