It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from Sydney duo Lou Millar and Michael Macias, aka Twin Caverns, but this week they are making a very smooth comeback with a heavenly new single called ‘Crimes’, while also announcing a new member to their little family – say hello to bass-player Chuffy Smith

This new track is so dreamy and smooth. It just makes me want to cuddle up to to someone in front of a warm fire and just melt away into its woozy hypnotic sounds.

We love working with a field recorder as the basis for new sounds, especially percussion. We started off throwing around a whole bunch of sticks and branches to see what we could capture. What initially began as sounding like an on old Western soundtrack score, grew into something totally different once Lou’s vocals were put down. 

We want sharp feelings – pleasure is pain is pleasure is pain” – Twin Caverns

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‘Crimes’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and Sydney fans can catch them playing live at Newsagency in Annandale on January 13th.

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