Picking a top 10 of anything is tough to do, and it’s that endless ‘choice paradox’ that makes it all the worse. What defines ‘best’ is also up for debate. Is it one which was the most well rounded and consistent, or, is it the one which had one or two your absolute favourite tracks on it, despite the rest of the album?

2017 has been a strong year, featuring the renaissance of a few old hands as well as the emergence of a few new comers. Choosing was difficult, but after sifting through my Soundcloud and Spotify favourites I managed to whittle it down to a tight 10. Picking 10 is hard enough, but deciding on a top spot was always going to be difficult, but I eventually cut it to 3; local lad Jerk Boy, Bristol duo Punctual and Swedish collective Jarami.

I yo-yoed between all three this week, but topping and tailing the spectrum Jurami brings an easy going instrumental vibe while Jerk Boy kick’s your night up to 10 with driving house beats. But taking out my #1 pick, Punctual straddles the two, matching beautiful vocals with a range of smooth accompaniments in a incredibly consistent release. This EP is well deserving of my top spot, and I look forward to seeing what they bring in 2018.

1. Punctual – Fading Youth

2. Jerk Boy – With You

3. Jarami – Sketches

4. Crazy P – True Light EP

5. Digitalism – 5KY11GHT

6. Folamour – Umami

7. Dr Packer – DJ’s Delight Vol 2

8. Camelphat – Hangin With Charlie EP

9. Thundercat – Drunk

10. Jesse Rose – Alright Mate

Honourable Mentions:
11. Folamour – The Power and the Blessing of Unity
12. Aroop Roy – Talkin bout life
13. Crooked Colours – Vera
14. Patrick Topping – Be Sharp Say Nowt
15. Session Victim – Listen to your heart
16. Detroit Swindle – Can’t Hold it
17. Coeo – Flesh World
18. B. Bravo – Paradise
19. TroyBoi – Left is Right

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