This artist from LA has just released a brand new 6-track EP. It’s very experimental, with minimalist beats, drawn out synths and layered vocals. I’m unsure what genre would best be used to describe it, so I’m going to leave it as a work of art.

The EP kicks off with ‘Vapor’, a real interesting track. Saro has vocals covering a very wide range of pitches across it, starting in a falsetto range and moving down to a baritone sound. The production backing is on the tip of Willow Beats. Experimental bass music that has a mystical and dreamy feel about it, which really lures you into a trance like state. Taking you out of your dreamy trance, ‘Eyelids’ comes and punches you hard with a rapid bassline and kick, leaving you feeling ready to move your body. The lyrical context is really deep, unravelling a story of heartbreak and emotional despair, which kind of contrasts the feel of the song, being so fast and in higher pitches of vocals.

‘Sky Doesn’t Blue’ comes in next, sticking more with the experimental feel, it delivers a slow 3/2 beat, which adds a lot of intensity to it. The vocals repetition in the chorus builds and builds throughout the track, each time with an ever so slightly harder feel to it, as though trying to deliver a message to you without being able to tell you what it is. You can really feel the emotion oozing from this track.

Coming in cold ‘All Limbs (interlude)’ is so brooding and moody it almost gives you a chill. It is absolutely dripping with raw energy and artistic creativity. Layered vocals, a subtle beat and singular chords, all coming together in unison.

‘Boy Afraid’ comes trickling in next, sticking with a heavily emotive context. This track is probably the most Pop sensible number, sticking with a more structured format that allows for commercial viability, yet has the raw content that keeps it away from being a pop track. Wrapping up the EP comes ‘Sardonic’. It’s really slow, really emotive and sung in a falsetto range for the most part. The kicks and snares on this are really quite powerful and engaging, taking you to a similar place emotionally to ‘Vapor’.

All in all it’s a really interesting and creative body of work, my favourite definitely sits on ‘All Limbs (interlude)’. Something about that track just really did it for me. It’s an incredibly promising sign for this talented artist, keep the tunes coming.

Rating: ★★★☆

‘Boy Afraid EP’ is available everywhere now via Saro’s own label, Mateo Sound.

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author: Elliot Armour

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