UK producer & DJ James Carter reveals a softer side to his skill set with his latest release ‘These Days’, which enlists the vocals of New Zealand singer/songwriter Zoe Maxwell.

‘These Days’ bares its soul from the get go through an enthralling introduction filled with ambience courtesy of the piano and reverbed guitar, forming significant space throughout the mix to allow the raspy vocals of Zoe Maxwell to shine. An explosion of synths hit you in the face once the chorus drops through many different elements co-operating that lead to a heavy rise in the intensity of the track.

What James Carter brilliantly achieves within ‘These Days’ is a balance between both the high intensity electronica and the drawn back contemplative feel throughout the duration of the track. Both influences blend in and out of each other to signify the pure emotion that is on display through the story being told, which in return results in an impeccable release.

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author: Chris Salce