If you ever needed a reminder as to how powerful and poetic rap is, press play on this heartfelt track.

‘Come Around’ is the work of UK R&B singer J Appiah and rising hip-hop artist Kojey Radical, exploring the notion of human disconnect and selfhood in the adversity of urban life.

The track is built around Appiah’s unforgettable hook “I don’t want to change you / I just want you to be who you are”, which is a chilling and emotive moment that will force you to listen and really take in the song’s message.

“What I had in mind when creating this was on the subject of people feeling they can’t be their true selves for better or worse. Politically at the moment people are revealing some of their uglier parts,” Appiah said.

The dark and gritty video is directed by Mitch Kalisa, and is simple in its structure. However, it has impact in the way it is lit and edited. With a track like this, keeping the visuals simple draws more focus and attention to the lyrics, and engages the listener on a number of levels.

Very excited to see what else comes from these two.

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author: Kara Bertoncini