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‘Chrome Halo’ is the incredible debut album from Melbourne artist HTMLFlowers, featuring a generous 11-track collection of his electro/hip-hop/rap sound and style.

He has a few very cool friends onboard such as Banoffee, Marcus Whale, Sui Zhen & Oscar Key Sung, and if you listen closely to the lyrics you can learn about the heavy struggle HTMLFlowers is living with Cystic Fibrosis; an inherited life-threatening disorder that damages the lungs and digestive system.

“When you go in and out of hospital as much as me, you’re not the same anymore. Being alone changes you, people recognize you less and less, you feel love less and less. There’s a type of round, chrome lighting fixture on most of the lights in hospital — a chrome halo that I take with me when I leave.” – HTMLFlowers

“We made the video simple. Dusty (the director) visited me in hospital. I had a lot of hospital footage on my phone and Martha (Banoffee) grabbed the phone a few times to film me. Everything else was filmed at my house. We didn’t know what we were doing in a lot of ways but we knew how it should feel.” – HTMLFlowers

‘Chrome Halo’ is available everywhere now via WonderCore Island.

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