Just recently Brooklyn electro-funk bros French Horn Rebellion appeared on a great new track called ‘Too Much’ by Los Angeles producer Eric Sharp, and the boys are back this week with their next original release, ‘Rooftops’, which actually has them working with a guest vocalist who goes by the name Natalie Duffy for her dreamy electro-pop vocal sounds.

“This is a song about perspective. There’s something magical when you get to the top of building. Looking down you see how small everything is. Looking up you feel this cosmic connection. And when you’re with someone you love that feeling becomes euphoric. The troubles below get left behind, and you float on how your life could be. Meet me on the Rooftop and see for yourself.” – French Horn Rebellion

‘Rooftops’ is available everywhere now via YouTooCanWoo, but before you go anywhere, be sure to check out their recent collaboration with Eric Sharp.

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