It’s been the talk of the town the past week – will Melbourne drown in epic downpours of flooding? Will we need to batten down that hatches? Will the Alison Wonderland “Scarehouse Project” still happen?

Well, it did. Phew!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Wonderland’s crew, the entire “Scarehouse Project” was uprooted from a farmland to the indoor sanctuary of Flemington Racecourse in just 24 hours. Now, this definitely wasn’t the most ideal backup location but at the end of the day, who cares! We were able to rave on and keep each other warm in the sweat-infested mosh pits. While there was nothing scary about the set up and not really any atmosphere to hide the fact this was a last-minute change, it was just as amazing to have the day happen than not at all.

This particular leg of the festival saw the likes of SACHI, Haiku Hands, Carmouflage Rose, Young Franco, DJ Taco (Odd Future), A$AP Ferg and Alison Wonderland herself absolutely dominate their sets. I did however notice some artists didn’t get a time slot. I put it down to the fact that maybe there was a curfew on the hire of the venue and as such, sets had to be cut. I don’t know but either way, the show must go on, right?!

The evening was a celebration of electronic and hip-hop music, where both seem to have found common ground over recent years. While I loved the modern-day version of the Spice Girls in Haiku Hands, and the hip-hop grandeur of A$AP Ferg, it was Carmouflage Rose who had the set of the day. Never have I ever been in a mosh that heaved as much as this one, and being right at the front on the barrier meant I could take it all in. It’s a mosh experience I’ll never forget and how a trap artist’s set should be savoured. I can’t wait to see Carmouflage Rose next time and do it all again.

Sydney you’re up this weekend and Auckland you’re after that. Tickets are still available now via Wonderland Scarehouse Project website, and trust me, if you’ve heard about the hype but weren’t sure whether to go, you really should. I had friends tell me they wished they’d gone after watching my Insta stories. You snooze you lose people.

I do hope that next year the weather holds out in Melbourne so we can truly immerse ourselves in the masterful creation of Alison Wonderland’s “Scarehouse Project”. Here’s to 2018 domination in Melbourne!

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author: Kara Bertoncini
photos by: Kayzar

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