Melbourne two-piece Slum Sociable offer up an early glimpse of their upcoming LP with their latest offering ‘A Hearing’, a unique combination of off-kilter instrumentation and playful melodies resulting in arguably their strongest release to date.

The track begins with a moody soundscape, centred around the haunting melody from singer Miller Upchurch and copious amounts of swagger within the grooving percussion. Through a brooding bassline that smoothens out the backline of the track, ‘A Hearing’ lifts its intensity in the chorus with substantial comfort courtesy of Upchurch’s seemingly effortless high range vocals. Once the post chorus is reached, we see the release take an interesting turn through lively movement in the instrumentation that sees the track reach a whole new level of intrigue.

‘A Hearing’ sees Slum Sociable push the boundaries that little bit further with a unique blend of soul and alternative. If this track is anything to go by, the upcoming LP is going to be one of the releases of the year.

Catch Slum Sociable live on their upcoming Australian tour below.

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author: Chris Salce