Los Angeles producer shallou has a very dreamy new tune to share with us this week called ‘You and Me’, and I reckon it has got to be one of the best songs you’ll hear this week.

The main vocal you’ll hear on this track is indeed shallou, but there’s also some additional vocals in there by Cautious Clay, and with shallou on production, lyrics & vocal melodies by Haux, mixing by Jake Goodman and Chris Gehringer on mastering, this has proven to be quite the Dream-Team!

“I met with Josh (Cautious) through a friend at his apartment in Brooklyn. He had a cool little workspace with a window door that opened into a balcony where you can just sit and relax in the midst of one of the most creative cities in the world. I played him a few tracks and he just started belting out some ideas and layering vocal harmonies. He did this one melody that instantly stuck in my head and I ended up highlighting in the track. The words we wrote together were “wish that I could take more chances.” At that time in the session we were talking about how life can be more inspiring when we feel out of our comfort zone. This was my first ever in-person collab.

Haux was more of my typical collaboration, where I sent him the track over twitter and he sent back some lyrics and melody ideas. I had been following Haux’s music since he started and I love the folk elements and tender lyrics he crafts. According to his team, this was actually his first ever co-write so I was nervous it might not happen. Fortunately we were both in love with what he wrote and I decided to lend my own voice to the track because the lyrics resonated with me so much.” – shallou

‘You and Me’ is out now via All Points / Sleeptalker, and US fans can catch him doing his thing live over the next few weeks in San Fran, Los Angeles & Brooklyn – click the artwork for more details

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