San Holo has a glorious new track for us this week called ‘One Thing’ which is a kaleidoscopic mesh of progressive synths, pulsing percussion and dreamy vocal melodies – get it now via Bitbird, and if you’re residing in the US you can catch San Holo around the country right now with DROELOE and Aussie producer Just A Gent on support!

“The song ‘One Thing’ is an exact translation of how I feel most of the time. When I’m supposed to stand still, I still feel like I’m running, chasing after something. Restlessly wandering around because I’m too focused on what is to come, instead of being content in the moment. It’s a reminder for me to enjoy the now, even though there’s so many goals I have set. It’s about the realisation I’m never really able to reach my goals because they’re always changing.  

If you’re chasing your dreams you’ll never stop chasing. This song is a reminder to take a step back and enjoy the moments from time to time, cause that’s all we really have.” – San Holo

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