This week, Swiss producer and live act Pablo Nouvelle has revealed the title-track from his forthcoming album “Wired”. Bringing together gentle atmospheres to support Lulu James’ soulful vocals, ‘Wired’ is one of the reasons why his new album is so highly anticipated amongst his fans. Laced with brushing pads and precisely placed percussion, the song is a classic track we’ve grown to expect from Nouvelle, flawlessly enthralling from the first note till the last.

This tasty number fresh off the production line is an absolute groover. It’s layered with dreamy feels and a sense of floating almost. It’s also interesting as with those overly euphoric feelings attached to it, I can also picture it being dropped to a packed dance floor at 6 am and it receiving an amazing reception. Equally it lends itself to a day time festival dance floor, receiving an entirely different reaction. The vocals come in perfectly during the break down and take you to a higher state.

If this is anything to go off, then the album itself is going to be unreal. Personally I cannot wait.

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author: Elliott Armour

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