Back in September Brisbane producer Oscar Oscar gave us a very cool track called ‘See Myself’ which awarded the upcoming artist with a shit-load of attention from all around the globe, and this week he’s ready to continue that build with another slice of his euphoric electronica.

This one is a glorious instrumental piece called ‘HIMEJI’ which was written and recorded while Oscar Oscar was on staying with a host family in Japan last year, and is a reflection and honest depiction of how he felt on a trip to the “Himeji Castle” – he also managed to get in a sneaky collaboration with one of the family members!

“The family was pretty large and there was this little kid I stayed with and every day I’d make an effort to write some music with him there. Low key it was a bit of a collaboration because he would always just sing and beat the crap out his toy drum. I’d nick a few rhythms and ideas from him,” he said.

“In all honesty, at this point in time I don’t think I’m very good at meticulously planning what a song is going to be in advance or sticking to any sort of structure. Often times I just get what I’m feeling at that particular point in time, and this was how I was feeling in November of 2016.” – Oscar Oscar

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‘HIMEJI’ is available everywhere this week via Majestic Casual Records.

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